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Join Dr Olaking & two other seasoned, expert Acupuncturist in this 4 Weeks Immersive Online Course

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About this course

This course is a 4-week immersive online course that introduces you to the knowledge of Acupuncture and its healing efficacies.

Learn the healing
powers of the Needle

Acupuncture is a drugless therapy modality. Which means that introduction of chemicals or any other substances is not necessary.

How acceptable is Acupuncture in healthcare treatment?

The use of acupuncture has seen acceptance in critical fields of health such as anaesthesia. Acupuncture has over time been known and used to stop feeling of pains during surgery rather than using an anaesthetic.

What other health issues can Acupuncture treat?

With proven effectiveness, Acupuncture has been useful attending to serious accidents or medical problems such as stroke, spondylosis, brain tumour and the likes

Is there more to Acupuncture?

In the past few decades, acupuncturists have become useful even in the Labour room. Today rather than letting expecting women undergo CS acupuncture is used to ease labour.

There is even more

Today, the poor and the less privileged no longer have reason to be afraid of getting treatment because one way or the other, trained and experienced acupuncturist might have a cost-sensitive and effective treatment for them.

Experience the healing power of Acupuncture

What am I learning?

In this 4 weeks immersive online course, you will learn the basics of Acupuncture and its healing efficacies. For a breakdown of the course content, download the course syllabus below.

Hear from Our Past Students

This course is my first online class that I really enjoyed. The lecturers really tried their best to make everyone understand. It has been a very beneficial one. I never knew that acupuncture could be learnt online but to my surprise, I learnt a lot. The best part I enjoyed is the 5 elements and their relationship to an internal organ. It's heartily appreciated.

Jatto Kabirat

It widens my knowledge and helps me to understand the foundation of acupuncture. It makes me eager to learn more. It also exposes the relationship between the environment and life. Which means that acupuncture is a natural treatment and it has no side effect. That is my opinion.

Obeleagu Angela

Learning Acupuncture has been like opening the curtain to understand the Universe better. The concepts taught are as relevant to curing the health as they are relevant to the earth. And the teachers have also presented the lectures so beautifully that one without the background of biomedical sciences will not feel left out.

Abdulakeem Ismail

Meet Your Faculties

Africa's leading neuro-acupuncturist, Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture (Colombo Sri Lanka), Doctor of Natural Medicine (India), a Biochemist and Researcher

Dr Qazeem Olaking
Founder, OIHM

A seasoned graduate of Acupuncture and Drugless Therapy, Biochemistry and Public Health Administration.

Ahmad Abu Nasir
Physician, OIHM

Renowned as Acu-Papa, a graduate of Acupuncture and Drugless Therapy,  Biochemist and Herbal Medicine Therapist.

Adam Adeyemi
Physician, OIHM




June 2nd - 30th, 2020

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