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“If Not For This One Thing, I Would Have Gone TOTALLY Blind Forever Due To Glaucoma Eye Infection”

 “If You Suffer From Any Eye Infection Such As Cataracts, Conjunctivitis, Myopia, Astigmatism, Pink Eyes AND MOST ESPECIALLY Glaucoma. Please TRY To Read This Till The Very End Or You Risk Going Totally Blind Forever

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Yes am very serious about it, even if you don’t suffer from any of this, but you have one family friend, loved one or relation that suffers from these infections most especially Glaucoma, PLEASE READ FOR THEM.

Glaucoma is a very serious eye infection that can lead to total blindness; it is as serious as cancer…very very serious.  

In short this disease has been called many names, but the scariest names of them all are ……….

The Sneak Thief Of VisionIt has also been called …The Silent Thief Of Vision”.  

In other words,  if ignored and taken for granted, glaucoma can slowly make you go totally blind forever. It can ruin your life, your family, your business which you have labored all this years to build.

This Is Not Just Ordinary Talk, I Am Talking From My Personal Experience With My Battle Against Glaucoma 

It was a serious battle that if I Mr. Adamu Mohammed a business man had lost, I would have become blind, a handicap and a big liability to my family that depended SOLELY on me as their source of livelihood.

 I would have never seen my family again due to TOTAL BLINDNESS.

It all started when I turned age 41, I started noticing that I could not see clearly when I tried looking sideways, I was losing my side vision.  

I didn’t think it was something serious but yet it continued. As time went on the symptoms became more severe.

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 Suddenly, I couldn’t see properly in the presence of light. Anytime I tried looking at someone in a place or outside where there was light…..This mysterious “HALO” would appear. This picture below is an example of what am trying to explain.

 I couldn’t work properly in my office again neither could I read nor watch TV like a normal person due to severe eye pain.

My eyes started becoming very red, anytime people where talking to me, they kept asking me;

 Oga Why Is Your Eye Red?……..“My Eyes Was As Red As Blood”.

My vision became blurry and narrow, simple things like reading books, from my phone and laptop, just like you are doing now became HARD and my life was becoming miserable.….  

I would make silly and embarrassing blunders while writing and my situation was getting worse by the day .I can’t tell you simple mistakes I have made that cost my business thousands of naira simply because I couldn’t see well.

 One time due to my terrible eye sight, instead of writing N20,000 as payment to my mechanic, I wrote N200,000. The fraudulent mechanic was so happy and didn’t care to confirm or ask questions.  

If not for my son who was very observant and noticed my BIG MISTAKE..

“I Would Have Lost N180,000 That Single Day Due To My Failing Eyesight”

When I noticed this error I was sad and angry …what if it was worse?

Hmm….My brothers and sisters, you never know the value of your eye sight UNTIL YOU LOSE IT.

Most of all, I started feeling severe headaches that would make me almost bedridden when It came. I couldn’t face my business and everything was gradually going down.  

I was also undergoing treatment for Diabetes Mellitus during this whole period.  

Anytime I ate I would be vomiting like a pregnant woman, I was confused, sick and so sad due to this bad changes in my life.

 It got worst to the point where I almost got knocked down by a Danfo bus while trying to cross the road due to my bad eyesight….I just could not see clearly, my eyes were so blurry.  

Unknown to me…

This Were All Symtoms Of Glaucoma That Wanted To Ruin My Life And Make Me Totally Blind  

I visited an Eye Doctor that diagnosed me of this disease.

I later found out that this terrible eye infection was hereditary and more common among Africans suffering from Diabetes. Even my father suffered it, and he was blind.  

Research has shown that…

“3 Million People In Nigeria Have Glaucoma Yet They Don’t Know About It.”

Worst of all, some know but don’t do anything about it, that’s why we have blind beggers among us here due to this Glaucoma….God forbid that your situation gets worse to that.   I never wanted to become a liability to anybody or worst of all GO TOTALLY BLIND FOREVER.

 Do You Know That Once You Go Blind Due To Glaucoma It Is Permanent         

  • I didn’t want my child who was supposed to be enjoying his youthful life, to be leading me around because I was blind.        
  • I feared that I would become a liability to my family because I couldn’t work again due to my bed eyesight.    
  •  Worst of all, I feared that I would totally go blind and not be able to see my beautiful wife and children, and unborn baby forever.

Due to all this fears, my life was miserable, my business was crashing and I lost very big important contracts because the contractors saw me as ALMOST BLIND.

I Needed A Solution As Soon As Possible Or My Greatest Fear Of Going Totally Blind Would Come To Pass.  

But I Bless The Day My good and faithful friend Nasiru introduced this powerful herb that changed my life for the better.

See, before now there is no eye infection treatment I had not used out of desperation, from teas, to eye drops and capsules. None of these products worked for me.  

Some doctors just took advantage of my situation because they knew I was desperate not to lose my sight. I spent so much and yet no solution.

But This Particular Chinese Herbal Formula Changed My Life And Gave Me The Clear Eyes Of A 10 Year Boy. I Can See So Clearly, That Sometimes I Wave My Hand In Gratitude To God For This Powerful Herbal Formula.

In All The Drugs I Have Taken, This Treatment Went To The Root Cause Of My Eye Infection And Uprooted It.

Now I Can See As Clear As A Night Owl Without Glasses. People Had Already Condemned Me As A Blind Man But This Herbal Treatment TURNED MY LIFE AROUND FOR GOOD. Now I Am Back To Business And I Have Taken Charge Again As The Bread Winner Of My Family


Let me tell you something.

 “I Am Not An Expert, Neither Am I A Guru In Eye Treatment”
I Will Not Play On Your Intelligence By OVER HYPING A PRODUCT I HAVE NOT USED.
Had Serious Glaucoma And This Herbal Capsule Destroyed It For Good. So Therefore I Will Recommend It To You As Something I Have Used And Gave Me Solution. I Have Been In Your Shoes And I Know How You Feel Plus The Struggles You Are Facing
I Have Conscience And Am Not Like Other Marketers That Will PROMISE HEAVEN AND EARTH And At The End No Result Just Because They Want Your Money.

Do you want to get rid of Glaucoma or any other eye infection?

Do you want to stop feeling all those bad symptoms like head ache, vomiting, red eyes, and blurry and narrow vision?

Do you want to get rid of the fear of TOTALLY GOING BLIND FOREVER?

If Your Answer Is A BIG YES?

Let Me Introduce You To Herbal Capsules >>Name<< (Eye Infection Terminator)

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This two Chinese herbal treatments contain ancient and potent herbs  such as  Radix Rehmaniaeused by Chinese grand fathers to treat any form of eye infections such as Glaucoma, cataracts, conjunctivitis, and astigmatism.  

I call this two combination “Eye Infection Sniper”. If you take this capsules consistently for at list a month….I Mr.Adamu Mohammed guarantee you.  

“Clear Eyesight” Like That Of A 10 Year Old Boy.

No joke, No Overhype….It Has Worked For Me, It Can Work For You.

If It Doesn’t Help You, Nothing Else Will”

Let me show you how this (Name) Herbal Capsules will terminate Glaucoma and any other eye infection in your life.

(Name) Herbal Capsule (200 Concentrated Pills)*********************************************************************************************

(Name) contains a powerful Chinese Ancient herbal Plant called Radix Rehmaniae 

It Is Very Powerful For Treatment Of Vomiting, Nausea And Headache Which Are Symptoms of Glaucoma. After taking this you will stop experiencing that stubborn headache that destabilizes you. You will feel normal like a normal human being.  

  • Rehmaniae Contains Powerful Natural Chemicals That Boost Your Immune System Reducing Eye Pains And Swelling Caused By Glaucoma.   No more Eye Pain, and swelling that prevents you from carrying out simple task like reading and watching TV. Your eyes will be pure and clean white.
  • Rehmaniae Contains Chemicals That Lower Blood Suger Levels That Cause Diabetes Which Can Lead To Severe Glaucoma(Total Blindness).   It will help lower your blood sugar that is so high, eliminating diabetes that can cause Glaucoma. TOTAL BLINDNESS  
  • It Replenishes, Clearing Red Eyes And Eye Pains  
  • It Clears Your Vision Making  It As Sharp As A Night Owl.  
  • After using this capsule, you will be able to see clearly, read clearly and watch TV without pains and all those symptoms will vanish.  
  • 100% Herbal no adverse side effects.

WARNING: Do Not Take This If You Scheduled For Surgery In 2 Weeks Time or if you are pregnant or nursing a baby.

Detoxin Tablet (60 tablets)

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Eye Infections come as a result of accumulated toxins in the body. This is how Detoxin will help your eye sight.  

  • Detoxin Contains Anti Oxidants That Destroy Toxic Substances Accumulated Over The Years That Cause Eye Infections Like Glaucoma, cataracts and myopia  
  • Detoxin Eliminates The Fever As A Result Of Glaucoma
  • It Contains A Powerful Herb Called Calcolus Bovis That Clears Reddish Eyes  
  • It Eliminates Toxic Swellings In The Eyes And Also Headaches Caused By Glaucoma.  
  • It Acts As A Natural Food Supplement Controlling Your Blood Suger Levels.  
  • 100% Herbal With No Adverse Side Effects.

Listen, this two combinations are powerful for treating any Eye infection you are experiencing now such as cataracts, astigmatism myopia and most especially Glaucoma.

But, it is not overnight.

I will not play on your intelligence promising you what this product CANNOT DO.

You have to take it consistently with dedication following the dosage to see results.

Please do not take it after 2 days and start complaining of no results.

“If you want overnight miracle PLEASE DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT.

 You have to complete the dosage and I guarantee you that your EYE SIGHT WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER.It will go into your system and treat your eye infection from the roots.

Many People Have Used This Two Combinations And Have Successfully Terminated Glaucoma And Other Eye Infections….Here are their testimonials

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This place is for whatsapp Testimonial

I almost lost my eye sight like play, like play. This Glaucoma eye infection had been disturbing my life, I almost lost by bank job because I could not function properly in my position as a cashier and my glasses did’nt help my case. But when I took this I-Clear and Detoxin capsule combination, gradually my sight returned and I don’t need glasses again.Juliana Agbo (Anambra State)

I had started wearing glasses ever since I was in secondary school, infact due to this people could not recognize me without glasses because my eye infection was so bad. This (Name product) and (Name product)  capsule works like wild fire, but you have to be patient and take it with dedication to see results. Thank God I did and now I can see clearly.

Tosin Akinwale(Osun State)  

My sister introduced this (Name product)  herbal capsule plus Detoxin tablets to me when I was first diagnosed with Glaucoma at the early stages. This helped me terminate it early or else it would have gotten worse if I had ignored it. Believe me it works well, you just have to try it.

Linus Johnson (Lagos State)  

Many people are getting free from Glaucoma and other eye infections, don’t be left behind.

How Can You Get This I-Clear And Detoxin Capsules**************************************************

When this product was introduced to me I got this products for N25,000 each plus N5,000 each for shipping this products into Nigeria that means I got it for N30,000 EACH  and I still had to wait for like a week before it came in.  That was what I went through to bring in the powerful Chinese Herbal Treatment and it can’t be found in Nigerian stores.

But you don’t have to go through that stress. I have talked with the suppliers to bring it in at a lesser price SO I CAN HELP YOU destroy Glaucoma.

You can get this treatments for….   

 If you decide to get the two treatment which I recommend to you so you can tackle this Glaucoma and other Eye Infections from the root. You can get it at a discount price of……

Option 3

If you buy the two treatments, you get it at a discounted price of N27,000 instead N33,000

If you place your order for this products, you don’t need to worry about shipping and the cost because we offer…


 And We Also Offer PAY ON DELIVERY

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That means you ONLY pay when you see your goods….no worry, no hassles and NO SCAM.

I know you might be skeptical about this product, after using so much treatments which you have paid huge amounts of money for and yet no results.

Ladies and gentlemen…I Know How You Feel….

In fact, I felt the same way too when I was introduced to this product.


If I had rejected it out of frustration I would have still eventually lost my site and that money I was saving would have been of no use.

So I Decided To Use This Product And My Life Has Turned Around For Good, I Can See Sharply And Glaucoma Has Been Destroyed.

Let me give you a guarantee as someone who has used it and is recommending it to to you.

If after you use this product and in one months time you CAN’T SEE ANY POSITIVE CHANGES IN YOUR EYESISGHT.

Give Me A Call, Or Send A Text To The Number I Will Give You And I Will Refund You You Money, 100%…No Hassles, No Hard Feelings. I Am A Man Of Integrity.

 I won’t stop my stop helping people because of your 15-27 thousand naira neither will I run away

This letter is been read by over 1,000,000 readers and we have



People are already placing orders, in fact if you call us and we are not picking its because of the numerous phone calls we would be getting from people who want this product.

The next set which we would bring in would be double the price due to the ever increasing dollar to naira.

Infact, I will double the price in the next 48 hours. If you are really serious about treating that eye infection before it makes you go totally blind take action.

Time And Opportunity Waits For No Man….Better Grab It Or You Lose.


Pick Up Your Phone And Place Your Order By:

Send us a text message to: 07083260289


**Full Name**Eye Treatment**Option You Want

*Active Phone Number*Delivery Address

*Phone NumberState/LGA

Once you place your order with this information, my staff will confirm it and you would receive you treatment package within 3 –  5 working days at your door step. Then you make your payment and receive your package.


Dear Friends Who Want To Destroy Glaucoma and Eye Infections…

Have you thought of the consequences of losing your  eye sight. See ignoring this offer that holds the key to your “Eye Infection Free Eyesight” can put you in the position of losing your eyesight totally to myopia, astigmatism, cataracts and most especially glaucoma that is also called

The Silent Thief Of Vision.

  • What if I had ignored this offer myself…
  • Maybe I would have eventually gone blind…
  • Maybe my business would have crashed…
  • Maybe I would have become a liability to my family, instead of them living their lives, they would have been stuck with me.
  • Leading me around like a begger.
  • Maybe I would have been the LAUGHING STOCK OF MY ENEMIES.


“This Might Happen To You If You Ignore This Today”

Ignoring this offer might leave bad effects on you that could ruin your life and that of your family.

You might keep experiencing that nausea and vomiting that makes you not to be able to hold food in your stomach.

You could still be “Managing” that blurry vision and unclear eyesight, which might eventually lead to you using walking stick as a middle aged man or woman which is bad.

You won’t be able to read, write correctly, watch TV or just do things like a normal human simply because Glaucoma infection has infested your eyesight.

You will have to keep bearing and enduring that terrible headache that comes with this eye infection.

Worst of all, you run the risk of losing your eye sight totally, then it will BE TO LATE.

In this stage nothing and nobody will be able to help you because you will be TOTALLY BLIND.


And all these terrible symptoms terrorizing your eye sight and life will be uprooted from the roots.

Then you eyes will be as sharp and clear as a “Night Cat” AS BLINDNESS WILL BE FAR FROM YOU.

The Choice Is Yours To Make And I Know You Are Smart To Make The Right One.

Therefore don’t be a “Had I Known Victim”..

Take that step by picking up you phone and placing you order.

Send us a text message to: 08170273828 Example:

**Full Name*Eye Treatment

**Option You Want*Active Phone Number

*Delivery Address**Phone Number**State/LGA**

 Once you place your order with this information, my staff will confirm it and you would receive you treatment within 3 –  5 working days at your door step. Then you make your payment and receive your package.

Am sure you are wise enough to make the right decision so you can destroy that eye infection most especially glaucoma that wants to rob you of your precious eyesight.

A word is enough for the wise.

Thank you.


Option 1

I-Clear Herbal

 Capsule (200 Concentrated Pills) = N18,000

Option 2

Detoxin Tablet (60 Tablets)= N15,000

 Option 3

I-Clear Herbal Capsule + Detoxin

Tablet = N27,000

  • We offer free delivery nationwide and also pay on delivery. We remove the risk from you by offering
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee….ho hassles, no hard feeling…most importantly…No scams.

Take that step by picking up you phone and placing you order.

Send us a text message to: 07083260289


**Full Name**Eye Treatment**Option You Want

*Active Phone Number*Delivery Address

*Phone Number**State/LGA**

 Once you place your order with this information, my staff will confirm it and you would receive you treatment within 3 –  5 working days at your door step. Then you make your payment and receive your package.

PPS: After taking this treatment I guarantee you that you would be able to see ‘As Sharp As An Eagle” and you won’t regret taking this step.

You will be thankful to God for giving you the opportunity to come in contact with this herbal treatment.

But if for some strange or mysterious reason it does not work for you(Even though it has done wonders for people in different countries ranging from Paris to UK.)  

Give me a call or send me a text on 08170273828 and you will be refunded your money hassles, no long talk, no discussion.

So do not take that risk of ignoring this one time offer or you might lose your eyesight for worse.

That is not your portion.

Thank you for reading.

* We will never rent/sell/share your email address *

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