is no news that many men and women depend on some crash and fad diets to burn
some calories while they reduce their fat mass. A few others who have enough
cash to splurge go under the knife to get rid of the excess layers of fat which
lie underneath their skin. While these procedures might give either short or
long term results, they are not entirely risk-free and pain-free.

reduce the risks of side effects while trying to shed some pounds, it is
advisable to tow the natural path which involves adopting a healthful lifestyle
and eating healthy. These are the tried and trusted steps to follow if you want
to make your body a combustion engine for fat.


Reach for a glass of water when you wake up in the morning

This step is very important because it kickstarts your metabolism and cleanses your colon. Water also flushes toxins from your system. One common misconception is that water makes you add weight, this is untrue. Water is a must for individuals who want to reduce their fat mass. The rule of thumb is to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

a walk for one hour every day

human body has a pair of legs to aid locomotion, if you want to lose weight you
have to work and walk. Studies have shown that walking helps to promote lean
body mass, if you want to see improvements in your weight walk for one hour
every day without stopping.

your system

individuals are at a higher risk of developing candida; a yeast infection. To boost
your weight loss journey it is crucial to eliminate every strain of this yeast
infection from your body. In addition to cleansing your system of candida, it
is also vital to cleanse your colon and your liver.

colon of overweight persons are usually clogged with toxic substances and quite
sluggish, this is why they suffer from constipation regularly. Colon cleansing
can do wonders for you. Immediately you cleanse your colon you will notice that
you have lost over 10pounds. Liver cleansing on the otherhand is one of the
best gifts you can give your body. There are different natural remedies you can
try out to cleanse your liver.

forget to breathe

individuals are alive but very few persons are breathing properly. Most
overweight persons do not breathe properly, and at such cannot get enough
oxygen into their systems. Some research have proven that oxygen is the fuel
you need to turn your body into a furnace.

the Sauna

you might want to take a trip to the sauna because it will help flush out
toxins while assisting you to sweat out the fat.


breakfast like a king:

vast majority of overweight individuals skip breakfast or eat very light in the
mornings. It is important to load your body with enough healthy food options in
the mornings like cereals, grains, low-fat dairy products, fruits, vegetables
and natural sweeteners. Avoid processed or high-fatty meals.

organic coconut oil:

hydrogenated vegetable oil with unrefined, organic coconut oil when cooking.
Using coconut oil that has not gone through any processing will ensure that you
maintain a lean body mass.

organic grapefruits your best friend

is a powerful fat reducer and here’s why; studies have proven that grapefruit
is rich in fat-burning enzymes. When purchasing grapefruits go for the ones
that have not been grown with any form of chemicals or pesticides.

artificial sugar

sugar, caster sugar, aspartame, saccharin and a whole lot of others should be
avoided. Artificial sugars have been proven not to only increase weight but
also to heighten the risks of certain cardiovascular diseases. Avoid high
fructose corn syrup too.

clear of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

Glutamate is a hallmark ingredient in many processed food items. This
artificial ingredient does not only increase your weight, it causes some
metabolic diseases and induces depression. This particular ingredient is quite difficult
to identify in labels because manufacturers mask its name under the guise of
alternate names like hydrolyzed vegetable protein and artificial flavoring.

if you avoid buying this toxic substance at your food store, it can still find
its way into your body if you eat at fast foods regularly. To ensure that your
body is free of monosodium glutamate, cook your meals at home.

for organic meat

meat, fish or poultry that are hormone-fed, such edible products are laden with
poisonous substances that can slow down your weight loss journey. The best meat
to go for is grass fed meat while if you love fish, avoid any fish that was
reared in the farm or man-made ponds.

down on dairy foods

your consumption of milk, butter and cheese, if you must consume these dairy
products go for organic types. Avoid any homogenized diary product.

your intake of apple cider vinegar

cider vinegar is an elixir that has been lauded for being a “cure-all” for
different weight related problems. Take a few teaspoons before mealtime and
you’d be impressed at how spacious your clothing will be in no distant time.


body is an engine that needs frequent cleansing, one of the ways to ensure that
your body functions properly is by embarking on a detoxification routine.
Detoxification helps to get rid of toxins while flushing out fat cells. It is
required that you go on a 21-day juice fast at least once every quarter of the
year if you want to lose weight.

cheat days

are only human and the path to weight loss is saddled with a few temptations
here and a few setbacks there. One of the ways individuals on their weight loss
program get tempted is when they start craving for some guilty pleasures.
Indulge in them once in a while so as to avoid binging when you can no longer
fight the urge to satisfy your appetite.

journey to a leaner, smarter and sexier you can be sometimes daunting and quite
distressing but it is encouraging to know that every effort you put in pays off
in the long run. With the steps mentioned earlier, you can shed some pounds and
stay lean forever.

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