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Founder and Chief Medical Director

Qazeem Olawale Akinola

The renowned Dr. Qazeem Olawale also popularly referred to as Dr. Olaking, is a Naturopathic Medical Expert cum Biochemist of Nigerian descent. The innovative and creative Acupuncturist is the brain behind the cutting-edge Olaking international Holistic Medicine Company located in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Dr. Qazeem Olawale was born into a family with professional practice in herbalism. His mother is a renowned and licensed midwife with years of experience and ground-breaking achievements in the treatment of a wide array of diseases. As such, Dr. Qazeem was nurtured with the therapeutic powers of herbs from infancy till maturity. With a career spanning almost a decade, Dr. Qazeem has garnered so much educational qualifications and experience to sink his roots in the field of Naturopathy.
As an herbal medicine enthusiast, Dr. Qazeem has always dreamt of promoting the gospel of Herbal Medicine globally.He brought his dreams to reality when he became a Member of The British Council of Complimentary Therapies (TBCCT).

The Staff

Our Practitioners

Adeyemi Adam

Executive Administrator, Acupuncturist & Herbal Therapist

Dr (Acu.) Adeyemi Adam, popularly called Acupapa is highly versatile in herbal medicine and Acupuncture. He has developed an interest and mastered the Chinese Acupuncture from a very tender age. As an undergraduate in the Department of Biochemistry at the…

Member of The British Council For Complementary Therapies (MITBCCT)

Member, Nigerian Council of Physicians of Natural Medicine (NCPNM)

Member, The Open International University for Complimentary Medicines

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