Treat Infertility
With More Than
10 Therapies

Be part of this 12-Week interactive online Professional Diploma on fertility treatment in the light of Natural Medicine

About This Course

This Professional Diploma is a 12-week intensive online course where you will learn the concepts and principles around the cause and treatment of infertility.

In truth, there are several online courses on infertility. But, we can confidently tell you that none of them offers the same value that you will get from this course. In this course, you will be equipped as practitioners and individuals with the adequate and necessary knowledge that allows you to efficiently attend & treat infertility issues.

At the end of the course, our students will become confident enough to address different cases of infertility (even those considered complex) mainly through the use of well-researched and proven herbal formulations.

Course Begins

Oct. 10th, 2020

Course Fee


This course is for you:

• If you’re looking to get deep-rooted knowledge in the field of natural medicine.

• If you want to understand how to diagnose properly, with a major focus on the root cause.

• If you’re willing to reach more people with a proven guide from experts in the natural medicine field.

• If you’re open to unlearning to relearn, how to identify, prepare and administer high effective and harmless herbs.

Meet your facilitators and hear what you stand to gain

These are what you will get in this 12 Weeks Online Course

• The basic understanding of the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the male and female reproductive system.

• How to understand the major cause of infertility with laboratory, clinical medicine and a traditional diagnostic approach.

• You will also be privileged to learn diagnosis approach in Chinese medicine.

• How to manage and successfully treat infertility patients using herbs.

• How to perform massage therapy and acupressure to aid fertility.

• A certificate of completion.

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